Acute Inpatient Services

Our Acute Inpatient Services are primarily for people of working age who have been assessed via the Crisis Assessment Services as individuals who require assessment and treatment.

Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Service

The Leeds Adult ADHD Service provides specialist assessment and management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults and young people in transition from the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.

Autism Diagnostic Service (LADS)

The Leeds Autism Diagnostic Service (LADS) provides assessment and diagnosis of people of all intellectual ability, who may have autism and live in Leeds.

Blue Light (emergency services mental health support)

Our Blue Light teams provide a range of mental health support to our partners in the emergency services in Leeds, including the police and paramedics.

Care Homes Team

Our Care Homes Service supports people with mental health problems who live in care homes across Leeds.

CFS / ME Service

The Leeds and West Yorkshire CFS / ME Service is a specialist NHS service for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME).

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) Inpatient Unit at Mill Lodge

The Trust’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) inpatient unit for children and young people between 13 and 18 years of age.

Community Learning Disability Teams (CLDT)

We have three Community Learning Disability Teams (CLDTs) delivering services across Leeds.

Community Mental Health Service

The Leeds Community Mental Health Service (CMHS) provides specialist community mental health services for adults usually aged between 18 and 65.

CONNECT: The West Yorkshire Adult Eating Disorders Service

CONNECT is a community and inpatient service which provides treatment for adults with eating disorders across West Yorkshire.

Crisis Assessment Unit

The Crisis Assessment Unit (CAU) supports adults experiencing an acute and complex mental health crisis.

Crisis Resolution Intensive Support Service

The Crisis Resolution Intensive Support Service (CRISS) provides intensive support at home to adults aged 18-65 years who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

Deaf Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (Deaf CAMHS) - National

Our National Deaf Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service works with children and young people aged 0-18 who have severe to profound hearing loss, have deaf parents, use British Sign Language as a first language, and who also experience emotional and/or behavioural issues

Forward Leeds: Alcohol and Drug services

Forward Leeds provides assessment, treatment and aftercare for people who misuse alcohol and other drugs and who have complex needs.

Gender Identity Service

The Leeds Gender Identity Service offers assessment and support to people aged 17 and above with Gender Dysphoria.

Healthy Living Service

The Healthy Living Service offers support that can help people to improve their physical health.

Intensive Home Treatment Team for Older People

The Intensive Home Treatment Team for Older People (IHTT) assesses and cares for older people with more acute and complex problems related to their mental health or dementia.

Learning Disability Inpatient Services

Our learning disability inpatient services offer respite for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and people with challenging behaviour

Learning Disability Specialist Health Planned Care (Respite)

Leeds Learning Disability Specialist Health Planned Care (Respite) Service provides care to adults with challenging behaviour and associated complex health needs.

Liaison Psychiatry

Our Liaison Psychiatry Service supports people whose physical health problems have led them to experience emotional difficulties.

Locked Rehabilitation Service

This service is based at Ward 5 at The Newsam Centre and is an 18 bedded locked rehabilitation ward.

Low Secure Forensic Service - Leeds

The low secure forensic service works with services users accessing the pathway from medium secure care, transfer from prison and pathways from adult mental health services.

Low Secure Forensic Service - York

Provides low secure adult inpatient mental health services, as well as community forensic services and a court assessment and probation liaison service.

Memory Assessment Service

Provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment and post diagnostic support for people in Leeds diagnosed with dementia and mild cognitive impairment.

National Inpatient Centre for Psychological Medicine (NICPM)

The National Inpatient Centre for Psychological Medicine delivers biopsychosocial holistic care for people with complex medically unexplained symptoms and physical / psychological comorbidities.

Northern Gambling Service

The NHS Northern Gambling Service provides specialist addiction therapy and recovery to people affected by gambling addiction, as well as those with mental health problems.

Older People's Inpatient Services

Service for people with acute mental health needs including dementia, where assessment, treatment and rehabilitation are provided over 24 hours per day in a hospital setting.

Older People’s Community Mental Health Services

Our Older People’s Community Mental Health Service is a dedicated service for people aged 65 and over living in Leeds.

Pathway Development Service - Yorkshire and Humberside

This service has been commissioned by the Secure and Specialist Mental Health Commissioning Group as a Tier 4 Personality Disorder Service for people diagnosed with severe personality disorder.

Perinatal Service

The Leeds Perinatal Mental Health Service provides specialist support to women experiencing significant mental health difficulties during pregnancy and the first year following a child’s birth.

Personality Disorder Managed Clinical Network (Leeds)

The Leeds Personality Disorder Managed Clinical Network aims to work effectively with people who present with personality disorder, complexity of need and significant risk issues.


The Pharmacy team work alongside medical, nursing and other clinical staff to ensure that medicines are used safely and appropriately.

Psychiatric Intensive Care Service (PICU)

Provides intensive and specialist care and treatment for adult service users with mental health needs, whose risks and behaviours cannot be managed on an open acute ward.

Rehab and Recovery Inpatient Services

Leeds Rehab and Recovery Inpatient Services offer assessment and individualised care to promote recovery and improve the service users everyday functioning.

Specialised Supported Living Service (SSLS)

The Specialised Supported Living Service helps around 90 adults with varying degrees of learning disabilities, physical disabilities and complex needs across Leeds to live independently.

Veterans' Mental Health Complex Treatment Service (VMH CTS) - North of England

The NHS Veterans’ Mental Health Complex Treatment Service (VMH CTS) is a specialist community mental health service for armed forces veterans.

Veterans’ Mental Health High Intensity Service – North of England

Provides care and treatment for former armed forces personnel who are in a mental health crisis and need urgent help.

Younger People with Dementia Service

The Younger People with Dementia Service provides assessment, diagnosis and appropriate treatment and care interventions for adults (aged up to age 65) with dementia,