EMERGE Leeds: Complex Emotional Needs Service

EMERGE Leeds: Complex Emotional Needs Service is the new name for the service previously known as the Leeds Personality Disorder Managed Clinical Network. Our rebrand has been undertaken in collaboration with our service users and staff and is an acknowledgement that diagnosis, labels and the language of mental health can have a real impact. You don’t need (or have to agree with) a diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’ to access our service.

We are a city-wide, multi-agency and multidisciplinary service that aims to work effectively with people who are experiencing complex emotional needs and interpersonal difficulties.

We see people who may, as a result of complex trauma and adverse life experiences, have developed ways of coping and surviving that can cause them harm and distress, and we provide a range of different services to meet the needs of people at different stages of their personal development.

These are:


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