Service User Network

Our Service User Network (SUN) gives a voice to service users and their carers who access our Trust services.

Service User Network logoThe SUN encourages people to express their views, share their experiences, explore what works well in our Trust and provide valuable feedback around areas which may need improvement. It encourages people to get actively involved with both their own care and treatment, and in future developments within the Trust. Members of staff with lived experience are also very welcome to attend.

SUN meetings are held monthly and there is a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Details of what the meetings involve and when the meetings will take place are available below.

Read the SUN mission statement


SUNRAYS is an intiative designed to bring together people with lived experience to help improve local mental health and learning disability services, focusing on specific local areas.

It is an offshoot of our Trust’s SUN group which has a focus across Leeds and York, and provides an opportunity for service users to meet in smaller, localised groups to consider support available in their immediate local area.

Find out more about SUNRAYS groups in your local area