Younger People with Dementia Service

The Younger People with Dementia Service provides assessment, diagnosis and appropriate treatment and care interventions for adults (generally aged up to age 65) with dementia, and their families and carers.

It is a service for people in Leeds provided within a variety of settings, including the person’s home environment which may be a care home, outpatient clinic and hospital consultation.

Who is the Younger People with Dementia Service for?

You may be suitable for the service if you are of working age and have been experiencing some of the following symptoms for a minimum of six months:

  • memory problems
  • language changes
  • attention or concentration difficulties
  • behaviour, personality or mood changes
  • coordination or balance issues

The aims of our service are to

  • investigate the cause of your memory problems
  • provide support and advice to yourself, your family or significant others, to help them understand your problems and how best to support you
  • provide any treatment for your memory problems and associated difficulties
  • refer you to services that will be able to meet your needs
  • discharge you from the service when you no longer need our support or when your needs can be better met by a more appropriate service


How to find us?