Your Health Matters

The Your Health Matters project is a partnership between people with learning disabilities and our Trust.

The project aims to:

  • look at what people can do to stay healthy
  • find easy ways of telling people about staying healthy
  • help people to use this information to make healthy choices.

The work of the project is based on the four themes of Eat Well, Be Active, Stay Well and Get Checked Out.

Project members get involved in activities that encourage and support them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The project lets other people know about being healthy and what members have learned by helping to develop resources that they share using the project website and social media.

Your Health Matters do work for lots of different people and groups who ask them to help them. This is usually about things such as:

  • advice
  • making things easier to read or to understand
  • how to be healthier
  • providing a better service for people with learning disabilities.

Visit the Your Health Matters website for more information about the project