Conducting research

Our Research and Development Team work with both our own staff and professionals from other organisations to help support their research or service evaluation projects. This page provides more information for those looking to begin a research project with the involvement of our Trust.

As with all research projects, an approval process is in place at our Trust for those looking to begin a project. The approvals process varies according to the type of project you plan to conduct and it is therefore important to be clear from the outset what type of project you are planning, with the first step being for you to determine whether the work you would like to complete falls within the description of a research project or whether it is a service review.

There are a range of available resources to help you get started including:

  1. Download the Health Research Authority’s (HRA) Defining Research information leaflet
  2. Use the Health Research Authority’s (HRA) decision tool to understand if your project is considered research
  3. Read the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership’s (HQIP) guide for clinical audit, research and service review

All research undertaken in the Trust requires approval, please contact our Research and Development Team who will be happy to discuss your idea.