Pathway Development Service – Yorkshire and Humberside

The Yorkshire and Humberside Pathway Development Service (PDS) provides a regional personality disorder service with the following key service objectives;
  • provides independent review of a person’s care and treatment needs at the point of contact with the PDS
  • whenever possible supports entry to secure services for individuals with personality disorder being prevented through the development of improved clinical practice and realistic alternatives, which may be hospital or community based
  • ensures that individuals who are admitted to secure services have a clear shared treatment plan, which includes a potential and realistic discharge pathway
  • supports the development of the skills and knowledge and interventions of community mental health teams in working with individuals with personality disorder which is then able to be integrated into individual clinical practice and frameworks of care.
Changes during COVID-19 pandemic

The service is open to referrals. Due to continued reduced capacity within the service, hospital and prison referrals received from NHS England case managers and CAMHS are currently being prioritised for our review and/or housing and resettlement interventions.

Face to face assessments and consultations are being carried out based on clinical need and risk, with others being carried out by videoconferencing or telephone.

What services are provided

The PDS has been commissioned by the Secure and Specialist Mental Health Commissioning Group as a Tier 4 Personality Disorder Service for people diagnosed with severe personality disorder.

Its core function is to work across the Yorkshire and Humber region to increase capacity and responsiveness for working with personality disorder, as well as to improve the pathways for individuals with personality disorder who are both within adult and younger people services. This includes identifying appropriate admission into specialist personality disorder units within low secure hospitals, as well as pathways that provide an alternative to such admissions, and the identification of appropriate pathways leading to timely discharge from such settings.

Specifically this involves providing;

  • reviews of care for individuals either at risk of escalating from acute hospital admission or prison into low secure hospital, or whose pathway from a low secure / specialist personality disorder hospital placement is blocked
  • reviews of women currently inpatient within specialist personality disorder medium secure hospital placements and whose pathway out of such services appears blocked
  • a re-review assessment providing an up to date view with regards to the progress of recommendations made within the initial review
  • consultation and advice to community based care coordinators as indicated by the review process
  • completion of a Housing and Resettlement report alongside either a review or re-review if indicated.
Housing and Resettlement Service

For more information on how the Housing Resettlement Service can provide support, please watch the following video:

More information

For more information you can download an easy read version of our information for service users and carers leaflet.

Get in touch

The PDS Team work across Yorkshire and Humberside with an administrative base at St Mary’s Hospital. The Service can be contacted on 0113 85 57950.

The fax number for this service is 0113 85 57953.


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