Older People’s Inpatient Services

CQC overall rating good - click to see the report

Older People’s Inpatient Services is a service for people with acute mental health needs including dementia, where assessment, treatment and rehabilitation are provided over 24 hours per day in a hospital setting.

There are separate wards for people with mental health needs and for those with dementia.  There are 29 beds available for dementia service users and 48 beds available for mental health service users.

Concentrated and intensive interventions are provided by a range of professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled in the management of people in crisis and at risk.

There is clear evidence that all service users at The Mount are now receiving increased structured activity and that this is being delivered on a needs led basis.  Utilising outcome measures, the group and individual activities are constantly reviewed for effectiveness and changed wherever appropriate.

Service users are also gaining the benefits of significant improved outside garden spaces which were developed throughout the summer of 2012 and were a direct consequence of service user and carer feedback.  Similarly, staffing levels have been increased across the dementia wards as a result of care feedback.

A few quotes from service users/carers about their experience of the service:

  • “Great experience on the ward could not ask for more from the staff they always make time.”
  • “Felt anxious walking through the doors but was put at ease by staff very quickly.”
  • “Good service but at time staff seem so rushed off their feet so I don’t always ask the questions.”
  • Our Older People’s Inpatient Dementia Services are based on Wards 1 and 2 at The Mount and can be contacted on 0113 85 55500.
  • Our Older People’s Inpatient Mental Health Services are based on Wards 3 and 4 at The Mount and can be contacted on 0113 85 55500.


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