Care Homes Team

Our Care Homes Service supports people with mental health problems who live in care homes across Leeds. It is split into two teams.

Firstly, there is a team working with people with longer term mental health needs, including people with dementia. This is to ensure these people receive the same level of service they could expect if they were living at home – where they would be under the care of a Community Mental Health Team for example.

Secondly, there is an intensive care homes team who work with people in the shorter term. They help people living in care homes to avoid hospital admissions and to support faster discharge from hospital back to care homes.

The service aims to be an integral part of how local NHS services support the care home sector to provide person-centred care for the most vulnerable older people, with complex needs and frailty.  We want to improve the capability and confidence of the local care home sector to understand and meet emotional, psychological and mental health needs of their residents.

The team also offers short-term, personalised and intensive mental health intervention for newly placed, complex care home residents. This is to support care home staff to manage potentially complex and volatile settling-in periods for residents whose behaviour and individual care needs require specialist skills and practical advice following a stay in hospital or inpatient facility.


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