Gender Identity Service

Changes to our service due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

We are updating this page with information about how our service is operating during the pandemic – Updated 08/09/2021

08/09/2021 Blood collection tube shortage

You may be aware that there is currently a nationwide shortage of some blood collection tubes in the supply chain. This is being managed nationally by NHS England and NHS Supply Chain. We recognise that this may cause difficulties when obtaining your blood test results for your hormone appointment. Please do continue to try to get your bloods taken. Should you experience any difficulties, please do still attend your hormone appointment and your clinician will discuss this further with you.

If you are currently accessing the service, you may be seeing a different Named Professional to whom you are used to. We are currently trying to ensure that everyone in the service is offered an appointment with a Named Professional, as we are aware that some of these will be overdue due to the reduction in the service over the last year.

Unfortunately we are not able to offer screening appointments currently. This is so we can focus on catching up with missed appointments and to ensure that we have capacity to see new patients.

We are offering appointments either by telephone, Attend Anywhere, which is a virtual consultation platform, or face to face at the clinic. We are completing face to face appointments for those people who aren’t able to access online appointments and we have also commenced some face to face appointments for new patient appointments/medical opinions for surgery. Please be assured, we will not ask you to come to the clinic unless this is required. We anticipate that as people access the service, we will generally be able to offer a range of appointment types, to limit the need for travel, which we appreciate was difficult even prior to the pandemic.

Please could we ask that if you are attending our clinic, that you wear a face mask. As a healthcare site this is mandatory. If you cannot wear a face mask due to being exempt we understand, but please let us know prior to your appointment and we can either ensure we have arrangements made so you can be seen safely or we can discuss alternative arrangements with you. If you do not let us know your appointment may not be able to go ahead.

Contact details

We will continue to have our phone lines open for set hours throughout the day (Monday to Friday 10-2pm). We do also have our email address Please do not send personal information through this email address without completing a permission form, which can be attached to your email. You need to be aware that, if your email address is outside of the NHS that we cannot guarantee the security of any communication sent to us via email, and that communication via email is entirely at your own risk.

We are trying to answer your queries in a timely way however please note that we may be delayed in responding to emails.

We would ask, that if you are experiencing any urgent concerns in relation to your mental or physical health, that you contact your GP, your local mental health team or 111 for advice.


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