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Changes to our service due to the coronavirus pandemic

We are updating this page with information about how our service is operating during the pandemic page updated on 24 March 2022

Oestrogel shortage – update on 24 March 2022

We’ve been made aware that there is currently a shortage of Oestrogel which is likely to affect our service users. We have been advised that, whilst this is the case, the approximate (as absorption of each can be variable) equivalent doses are as below:

Equivalent doses

Patch Gel-pump (Oestrogel) Gel – sachet (Sandrena) Spray (Lenzetto)
Half a 25mg patch Half of a pump Half of a 0.5mg sachet
25mcg patch 1 pump 0.5mg sachet 1-2 sprays
50mcg patch 2 pumps 1mg sachet 2-3 sprays
75mcg patch 3 pumps 1.5mg sachet More than 3 sprays
100mcg patch 4 pumps 2mg sachet

We recommend that you revert to Oestrogel as soon as it becomes available again. If you are on an alternative preparation for more than one month then get your GP to check your Estradiol level to make sure the dose does not need adjusting.

Service update

We are offering appointments either by telephone, Attend Anywhere, our virtual consultation platform, or face to face at the clinic. We are now able to recommence booking face to face appointments following temporary suspension of these appointments due to Covid.

Please could we ask you to wear a face mask if you are attending our clinic. As a healthcare site, this is mandatory. If you cannot wear a face mask due to being exempt, we understand. If you can please let us know prior to your appointment, then we can discuss alternative arrangements with you. If you do not let us know before your appointment, unfortunately we may not be able to go ahead.

Contact details

We will continue to have our phone lines open for set hours throughout the day (Monday to Friday from 10am-2pm). We also have our email address

Please don’t send personal information through this email address without completing a permission form that you can attach to your email. Please be aware that if your email address is outside of the NHS, we cannot guarantee the security of any communication sent to us via email and communication via email is entirely at your own risk.

We are trying to answer your queries in a timely way, however we may be delayed in responding to emails. If you’re experiencing any urgent concerns in relation to your mental or physical health, please contact your GP, your local mental health team or call 111 for advice.


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