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Our Research and Development team works with Trust staff and professionals from other organisations to help support their research projects.

We’re proud of the staff at LYPFT who carry out research, often on top of their busy day jobs. We started a scheme called Research Heroes where we highlight one of two of them every month. Check out our latest research heros.

If you are interested in participating in research studies as a service user or carer, you’ll find that information on this page.

Getting started in research

This page provides more information for those who want to carry out research in the Trust.

All research conducted in the Trust requires approval and further details can be found below. Approvals and registrations for other types of projects including service evaluation, service review and clinical audit is managed by the Trust’s Knowledge and Improvement Team.

‘Research’ is defined in the UK Policy Framework for Health and Social Care Research as:

“the attempt to derive generalisable or transferable new knowledge to answer or refine relevant questions with scientifically sound methods.”

If you are unsure whether your proposed project meets this definition have a look at the links below.

The Health Research Authority’s planning and improving research section.

Is my study ‘research’ – online decision tool on the Health Research Authority’s (HRA) website

Read the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership’s (HQIP) guide for clinical audit, research and service review.

Recruiting volunteers - Consent for Contact

Volunteers who take part in research play a crucial role in improving the lives of thousands of people every year. Nearly all research needs help from those affected to make this possible. We’ve developed a Consent for Contact information sheet which explains the benefits of research to potential volunteers and encourages them to give consent to be contacted. This might be useful to anyone embarking on recruiting volunteers.

Applying for approval to conduct a research study

Staff member reading

All new research projects being undertaken in England require HRA (Health Research Authority) approval. This process involves a review by an NHS Research Ethics Committee (where required) with an assessment of regulatory compliance and other related matters.

Read our guide on writing a research protocol

Read our guide on seeking approval for research

Applications for HRA approval must use the new single application form, which is enabled through selections made in the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) project filter. The IRAS form and supporting documentation must be electronically submitted from IRAS to the HRA.

Read the HRA’s detailed applicant guidance

If you are employed by the Trust, please contact the Research and Development Team as early as possible in the process to discuss sponsorship of your project.

Looking for PPI Support

Please get in touch If you think that the Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust might provide a population for your research. Or if you are just seeking general advice regarding your research in Mental Health, the Help from Experts by Experience for Researchers (HEER) group is passionate about it!

The HEER group can help you shape design, improve recruitment and review the appropriateness of methods and language. We are an established Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) group. Recent feedback on group involvement includes:

“We made changes to language used, we discussed and used feedback to inform ideas about placement of a device and procedure in a ward intervention. We also asked the group about preferences and feelings about data collection methods (observation on wards), the feedback we received was around how to introduce this sensitively to service users on wards which may have been done differently without this advice. The HEER group also made suggestions about where the current research could lead and what might need to be done next – essentially informing future research priorities.”

We can provide a slot for you at one of our monthly meetings. You can email us at

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Want to talk it through?

If you’ve read all there is to read and you’d appreciate a chat with us, then please drop us a line at or give us a ring on 0113 85 52387.