Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Service

The Leeds Adult ADHD Service provides specialist assessment and management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults and young people in transition (from the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, known as CAMHS) who require ongoing monitoring and management of their condition.

Referrals are welcome both for individuals, whom have had a previous diagnosis of ADHD and require reassessment due to current symptoms and impairments, and those individuals whom have had no previous diagnosis, but have symptoms and impairments both currently and dating back to early childhood which are consistent with an ADHD diagnosis.

Due to the pandemic and the demands on the service, please be aware that for new referrals it could be up to two years from the date of referral before you are contacted to arrange your first appointment. Unfortunately, we are unable to give a more definite waiting time at present.

During the pandemic, appointments are taking place either by telephone or video call with limited availability for face to face appointments.

For more information on moving from the Children and Adolescent mental health service to the Leeds Adult ADHD service you can download the CAMHS to ADHD leaflet.

We appreciate that there is a high demand for the service which is contributing to the current waiting time. For information and advice relating to adult ADHD you may find the following websites useful:

Get in touch

Our Adult ADHD Service is based at The Mount and can be contacted on 0113 855 9341 or by email:

How to refer to us

We ask that professionals please complete the attached referrer form and that they ask the service user to complete the service user form. Both the referrer and service user completed parts must be sent together via email to:

Note for those completing service user form if you have difficulties with reading and writing and are struggling to complete the form then please discuss with the professional referring you.

Exclusion criteria where referrals will not be accepted:

  1. We do not accept self-referrals – referrals can only be accepted from professionals such as a GP’s.
  2. Are below the age of 18: professionals are advised to refer service users under the age of 18 to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).
  3. NOT registered with a GP in Leeds i.e. not one of practices listed as a Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group member practice
  4. Do not consent to the referral: any service user referred to the ADHD service must fully consent to the referral.
  5. Did not experience symptoms of ADHD during childhood: referrals into the service will be declined if there is insufficient evidence provided that they demonstrated symptoms of ADHD during childhood
  6. Incomplete referral pack: All referrals need to include a referral form completed by the professional making the referral AND a service user completed form.


How to find us?