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People with mental health challenges are at higher risk of developing physical health problems such as obesity, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. The Healthy Living Service demonstrates the importance our Trust places on improving physical health by supporting service users to make positive lifestyle changes.

The Healthy Living Service offers support that can help people to improve their physical health. The service focuses on our acute inpatient services in Leeds and includes dietitians, physiotherapists, a health improvement specialist and a team of healthy living advisors. The Healthy Living Service provides specific assessment and interventions to improve physical health. They support service users to access community resources to support their ongoing health and wellbeing.

Our healthy living advisors are qualified exercise professionals and support a range of physical activity for service users. They also offer behaviour change interventions and advice in four priority areas – physical activity, healthy eating, smoking cessation, and sensible alcohol use.

Physiotherapy provides individual assessment and a variety of interventions including education and advice, falls awareness and prevention sessions, physiotherapy rehabilitation and treatment for pain and musculoskeletal conditions. These services are provided across our acute services.

Dietitians offer individual consultations as well as support and advice to staff teams. They support and encourage mental health by enhancing lifestyle and behaviour, self-esteem and a healthy body image, improving knowledge and skills to enable people to make healthier choices. Dietitians can help to reduce weight problems, reduce nutrition related side-effects of psychiatric medications, improve self-care and management of co-morbid conditions, and improve health and nutritional status.

Throughout the year we deliver a rolling programme of health promotion campaigns, to raise awareness and provide information about specific aspects of physical health.

Our Trust is a Smokefree organisation. We are following these guidelines NICE guidance NG209 to provide our services in the healthiest environment for all our service users, visitors and staff. We know that stopping smoking is the single most important thing people can do to improve their physical health and live a healthier and longer life. The Healthy Living Service is supporting this work by providing smoking cessation support to service users and staff to help.

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Healthy living initiatives in Leeds include:

Community Groups

There are many community groups and centres in Leeds offering activities which promote healthy living, including:

Groups with a focus on mental health service users and service users experiencing cognitive impairment are:

Smoking Cessation Support Services
Community Alcohol and Drug Treatment Support Services

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