Our five year strategy

Our five year strategy and our five core strategic plans.

In 2016 our staff, service users, members and partners were invited to re-imagine our future and refresh our Trust strategy. The result was our five-year strategy: Living our values to improve health and lives 2018 – 2023. Also available in an Easy Read version.

This is an overarching document that summarises a broad range of work we’ve been undertaking over the last five years. We are currently in the process of refreshing this document and hope to publish an updated version by October 2024.

In 2024 we refreshed our brand identity. Our plan on a page has recently been refreshed and updated to reflect this. View and download our Plan on a Page.

Key elements are set out below.

Our strapline

Leading the way in mental health, learning disability and neurodiversity care.

 Our Vision (where we want to be)

To lead the way in mental health, learning disability and neurodiversity care so the communities we serve can live healthy and fulfilling lives, our people can achieve their personal and professional goals, and everyone can live their lives free from stigma and discrimination.

Our Mission (how we want to get there)

To improve the health and lives of the communities we serve by providing outstanding mental health, learning disability and neurodiversity services; to be a great place to work and a great partner to work with.

Our values (how we act and behave)

We have integrity – we treat everyone with respect and dignity, honour our commitments and do our best for our service users and colleagues.

We keep it simple – We make it easy for the communities we serve and the people who work here to achieve their goals.

We are caring – We always show empathy and support those in need.

Our values are integral to how we go about our business. Read more about them on our values and behaviours page

Our promise (to our service users and carers)

We are dedicated to people-centred care and are proud of the high-quality, specialist mental health, learning disability and neurodiversity services we provide. We actively involve people in their care to empower them to achieve their personal goals and enjoy fulfilling lives.

Our strategic objectives (very simply, what we do)

Through our Care Services: we deliver great care that is high quality and improves lives.

For our people: we provide a rewarding and supportive place to work.

Using our resources wisely: we deliver effective and sustainable services.

Our Strategic Plans

We have five core strategic plans that provide the finer detail on what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and by when. These five strategic plans are as follows:

Name of plan listed in alphabetical order   Last updated Lead executive director Download link
Care Services Strategic Plan 2023-2028 May 2024 Chief Operating Officer Download in PDF format
Digital Plan 2022-2025 June 2023 Chief Financial Officer Download in PDF format
Estates Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021 2018. Due to be refreshed in 2024. Chief Financial Officer Download in PDF format
People Plan 2024 – 2027 (workforce) May 2024 Director of People and Organisational Development Download in PDF format
Quality strategic plan 2023-2028 May 2024 (interim version – currently being updated) Medical Director Download in PDF format


Providing this information in other formats

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Please contact our Interpretation and Translation Support Team and let them know which information you would like and what format you would like it in.

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