Our quality and performance

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust provides services for the local population of Leeds and specialist services at a regional level. Some of these services have a national reputation.

Our Trust places great emphasis on the quality of our services and we seek to deliver high quality care that is effective, safe and meets the needs of our service users, providing a positive and supportive experience for those who use our services and their carers.

Our Trust is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and has contractual requirements to report to NHS Improvement, NHS England and local commissioners on the performance and quality of our services against agreed measures. This information can be found in our Integrated Quality and Performance Report (IQPR) and more information on our IQPRs can be found below.

Our Performance and Quality Team monitor this performance framework across our Trust which enables target setting, monitoring and assurance and continuous improvement. In particular our Trust is directed by the five domains of the CQC in delivering a quality service, namely:

  1. Are services safe?
  2. Are services effective?
  3. Are services caring?
  4. Are services responsive?
  5. Are services well-led?

Our Trust is also currently developing a Quality Strategy which identifies key indicators that will further demonstrate the high quality services we offer. These indicators have been agreed through consultation with service users, carers and staff.