Our job is to provide NHS care to the local community. It is important that we stay in touch with what people want from our services and find out what they think of them. Having a membership is one way of doing this; it strengthens our links with the local community.

What does membership mean?

As a foundation trust we are able to recruit members. Service users, carers, staff, and members of the public form our membership and helps shape the future of our services. As a member of the Trust, your views are represented through the Council of Governors.

Why be a member?

This is your chance to have your say, help improve and shape services, or simply receive regular updates and news on how the Trust is doing.

As a member, you are eligible to stand for election as a governor. Members are given the opportunity to vote in our governor elections. You are able to attend any of the Council of Governors’ meetings held in public and observe the discussions about the work going on in the Trust. This can be a way to meet with the governors who represent you and your views.

The views of members in each constituency are represented by the Council of Governors (total 30 seats). The Council works closely with the Board of Directors to develop our forward and ensure those views are taken account of.

Every year, our Trust holds an Annual Members’ Meeting, where members are invited to attend; hear what the Council of Governors have been doing on your behalf; and give feedback on our services as part of the ‘Big Conversation’.

Who can be a member?

Anyone over the age of 16 can become a member of our Trust. All members will fall under one of the following constituencies:

  • Staff – All members of staff are automatically members of our staff constituency, unless they opt out
  • Service user or carer – Someone who uses our services (in the last 10 years), or is a family member or friend of a service user
  • Public – Any member of the public
How do I join?

You can sign up through our online form. It is completely free to join. You can also use any of our contact details to contact us with any questions or queries. You might want to encourage your friends and family to sign up too with a request for some of our paper sign up forms!

Anything else?

Every member of the Trust will receive our bi-annual membership magazine, ‘Imagine’

The Membership Team works in partnership with other organisations to help raise awareness and make a difference in as many ways as possible.

As a member of our Trust, you will also be invited to our Annual Members’ Meeting.