Our latest Annual Review

Annual Review 2021-22 (updated 29.12.22)

The review is designed to be a lighter and easier to read version of our comprehensive Annual Report.

It summarises some of the work we’ve done over the past year and celebrates the achievements of our teams. Read the report to find out more about how we have responded to the challenges of the pandemic, how we have continued to deliver great care, and how LYPFT continues to be a rewarding and supportive place to work.

We share some of the ways that we’re involving our service users and carers and working to improve patient experience and quality of care – you can find out more about our Quality Account and Report on our quality and performance web page – the latest report is a real mood boost.

Open the Quality Account and Report 2021-22 as a PDF


Professor Sue Proctor

“This last year has provided many tests and challenges. But, even after two years of the pressures associated with Covid-19, and the increasing mental health needs of people in the city, as a Trust, we have continued to provide good services, be a good partner, and live our values. None of this would be possible without the wonderful dedication, compassion, professionalism and flexibility of all of our staff and volunteers. Thank you, I am proud to be your Chair.” – Professor Sue Proctor, Chair of the Trust (until 30 November 2022)





“I’m sure you will all agree that the last year has been filled with many challenges and difficult times, but equally many opportunities and achievements we should be rightly proud of. As we learn to live with Covid in the long-term, I know we will continue to work together, learn together and adapt together to whatever challenges we may face. With my deepest thanks and appreciation to every one of my colleagues and to all our partners who every day go above and beyond.” – Dr Sara Munro, Chief Executive.