Our latest Annual Review

Our annual review for 2017/18 presented by our Chair, Professor Sue Proctor.


Welcome to our annual review for 2017/18.

This report is designed to be a lighter and more accessible version of our very comprehensive Annual Report which you can also read on our website.

This report covers my first year at the Trust and I have spent much of it learning about our services and listening to staff, service users, carers and our partners. Again and again I have been inspired by the passion our staff have for their work, and our Trust values of integrity, simplicity and caring are demonstrated in abundance every day. However, these are difficult times for the NHS, and we are facing many challenges.

We start every Board meeting with an opportunity to hear about the experience of service users, carers or members of staff. This discussion reminds us of the purpose of this organisation and of the reality of the day-to-day challenges we face in trying to deliver services to the best of our ability within our financial limitations.

One session I recall from 2017/18 was led by a manager, matron and healthcare support worker from The Becklin Centre. They talked to us about delayed transfers of care. However, rather than tell us about numbers and problems with processes, they gave three examples of how this impacts on patients and their families – how it feels to be a ‘bed blocker’ and how demoralising it can be for both patients and staff when the system fails to respond to complex and challenging need. This session was powerful because in the midst of our focus on finances, performance management, regulation, and other matters, it is easy to forget about the human side of our services and the emotional impact on our staff and those they care for. In their words and actions, these staff demonstrated real compassion and a quest for solutions. It was both humbling and inspiring to hear.

This year the Board agreed our strategic vision and underpinning implementation. The plans cover workforce, estates, information technology, clinical services and quality. They represent a huge amount of work and will provide a focus for the Board during 2018/19.

In 2017/18, we had an inspection from the CQC who visited a number of our services and reviewed the leadership of the Trust. We were delighted they rated our supported living service as outstanding for care, and rated many of our services as good. We were also pleased to be rated good for being ‘well-led’. Our overall rating of ‘requires improvement’ means there is more to do and work is underway to address matters raised by the CQC. We will welcome the inspection team back next year to review our service improvements.

We work closely with many partners in delivering mental health and learning disability services to people in Leeds and York. We are also taking an active role in the wider collaborative systems across West Yorkshire and Harrogate, working with other mental health providers to improve services. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners and we look forward to continuing this work to deliver sustainable improvements in the coming year.

I am also extremely grateful to the Council of Governors for their commitment and continued work in the Trust. They have such an important role and we have been working to strengthen their contribution and enable them to carry out their roles effectively.

In 2018 we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS. We have some truly impressive and unique activity in this Trust which recognises the value of supporting positive mental health and tackling the stigma of mental illness.

Now we’re in 2018/19 we continue to face pressures across our services, but we have strong foundations in place, and staff who live and demonstrate our values every day. We are focused on continuing to improve and develop our service to ensure excellence for all our service users.


Professor Sue Proctor






Professor Sue Proctor

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