Shaping the future of our Trust – telling our story better

A group of people working together in a room

Here at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LYPFT) we’re working on behalf of the Chief Executive, Dr Sara Munro, and her senior team to shape the future of the Trust and to tell our story better.

We want to be known as an NHS provider of choice with the best expertise to deliver outstanding services.

We surveyed hundreds of people in November 2022 which gave us some useful high-level feedback on what people think about us and about their experience of working with us.

Thank you if you completed one of these surveys. You can find the results in this document.

Earlier this year we held two focus groups with staff, service users and carers, and partners. In these sessions we covered the following areas:

  • Sharing the purpose of our brand development project and why LYPFT wants to tell its story better,
  • Sharing findings from the previous surveys (link above) which informed the focus groups,
  • Co-production of our brand proposition statement, and
  • Feedback on our strategic narrative, and our tone of voice and use of language.

Following feedback from these sessions and from our own board of directors, we’ve decided to think about the name of our Trust and whether we should change it. Some people said things like it was “too long”, it wasn’t living our value of “keeping it simple” and it didn’t explain what we did effectively.

So we did some further engagement work. We found there was a desire to drop the word “Foundation” from our name as it doesn’t mean anything to employees and service users. However, for legal and constitutional reasons the word “Foundation” needs to remain in our name. However, we are going to develop a short strapline* to communicate what we do more effectively.

* A strapline is a short, easily remembered phrase to help people recognise or understand your services or products.

What’s happening now?

We are in the process of finalising our brand proposition statements, our new strapline, and the new look and feel of our organisational brand.

We’re working with a range of staff who have a stake in helping us refresh our brand to see what things we need to update and by when. We’ll update this page when we’ve completed this piece of work. We’re currently looking to launch our new brand identity in January 2024.