About the Leeds Recovery College

Free courses for adults (18+) in Leeds who would like to learn more about mental health and improve their wellbeing



‘Supporting people on a road to recovery’ -Yorkshire Post


You don’t need to be referred to the recovery college, have a mental health diagnosis or have any formal contact with mental health services to attend a course with us. If you’d like to learn more about mental health and/or improve your general wellbeing, we may have a course for you.




‘Learning, living and teaching wellbeing.’  -Leeds Academic Health Partnership



Our courses are co-designed and co-led by people who have had or are living with mental health challenges, who work alongside lots of different health professionals, teachers and trainers to run workshops with us.


We hope that t his ‘lived’ and ‘learnt’ experience brings a mixture of perspectives and creates a welcome and friendly environment.
All of our courses are interactive and discussion based, you’re welcome to participate in the discussion activities, or join us and listen plus, ‘biscuits and brews’ come as standard.




‘From mental health patient to recovery student’ – The Health Foundation

Courses aren’t therapy, they are based in education and the Recovery College does not replace a clinical,  therapeutic or individual support.   We provide a positive learning approach in which we all share knowledge and are able to reflect on our own health and life experiences.