About the Leeds Recovery College

Our summer term time-table is out now, with a range of courses that you can take part in online. We've less courses running over summer than usual to allow us some time to work with our co-facilitators and plan for our Autumn 2021 term, when we hope to offer a mixture of online and face-to-face courses dates.


Leeds Recovery College opened in 2019 and delivers a range of education and training courses to help increase awareness and understanding of mental health, wellbeing and personal recovery.

Our courses are open to all adults who live, work or study in Leeds and you don’t need to be referred to the college to book on a course. Simply enrol on the course or workshop that is of interest to you.


‘The college is designed and run by people with lived and professional experience of mental health and we operate the same as any other college or adult learning centre. 

We pride ourselves in treating everyone as a student and you will have equality with all students that attend a course, regardless of if you access mental health services or not, have a diagnosis or not, are a health professional, carer or someone who would simply like to improve your personal mental health knowledge.

We believe that good mental health is important to everyone and that we can all play a part in improving our own mental health and contributing to that of others.’


Our courses are co-designed and co-facilitated by people who have experienced their own mental health challenges, who deliver our training alongside health  professionals, training and education providers. This ensure that both a personal and professional perspective are equally valued in the design and delivery of our courses.


‘Courses aren’t therapy, they are based in education and the recovery college does not replace a clinical or therapeutic intervention. What’s important is that we provide a positive learning approach in which we all share knowledge and are able to reflect on our own health and experiences’.


We offer a range of workshops and courses which include; improving awareness of different mental health themes, holistic and complementary approaches, such as creativity, mindfulness and meditation. Workshops that focus on key emotions, such as stress, anxiety and self-esteem, as well as problem solving and physical health interventions.

Typically, our courses are free to attend and we keep it simple (you won’t hear any jargon from us) but they are packed full of useful information and handy tips, which we hope will make a difference to you in your life, work or study.


Julie, a co-facilitator with Leeds Recovery College shares her experience in this video.

‘Having been involved with Recovery College as a student, and later as a facilitator, I believe passionately in the ethos of shared learning through lived experience and testimony. The format is not teacher-driven but people working together to move forward to improve their mental health in a supportive and trusting environment. I feel this is where the power of the college comes from and what makes the learning so effective.’ Julie, Leeds Recovery College Co-facilitator.