About the Leeds Recovery College

Courses for people in Leeds who would like to learn more about mental health and improve their wellbeing


We offer a range of free courses and workshops which focus on mental health and improving wellbeing. Our courses are open to all adults who live, work or study in Leeds and you don’t need to be referred to the college, have a mental health diagnosis or be supported by mental health service to attend- book yourself onto any course that is of interest to you.

‘The aim of a Recovery College is to provide learning opportunities for people who experience any kind of health and social challenges, their family members, staff who support them and members of the public with an interest or involvement in mental health and wellbeing.’ -ImROC 2019



‘Learning, living and teaching wellbeing.’  -Leeds Academic Health Partnership

Our courses are co-designed and co-led by people who have had or are living with mental health challenges, who work alongside lots of different health professionals, teachers and trainers to run workshops with us.

We hope that this ‘lived’ and ‘learnt’ experience brings a mixture of perspectives into our training and creates a welcome and friendly environment for learning.


‘supporting people on a road to recovery’ -Yorkshire Post

Courses aren’t therapy, they are based in education and the recovery college does not replace a clinical or therapeutic intervention.  What’s important is that we provide a positive learning approach in which we all share knowledge and are able to reflect on our own health and life experiences.


Our courses are designed and delivered in collaboration.

We deliver awareness workshops, wellbeing course and ‘retreats’ for people who would like to learn more about mental health and wellbeing (diagnosis or not).  

We pride ourselves in treating everyone as a student and you will have equality with all students that attend a course, regardless of if you access mental health services or not, have a diagnosis or not, are a health professional, carer or someone who would simply like to improve your personal mental health knowledge.



Our student charter

Student charter

We aim to provide you with a welcoming, supportive and inclusive learning environment and our student charter explains what you can expect from enrolling and attending a course with us, it also explains what we expect of you.

You can expect us to:

  • Treat you as a person, and not label you as a servicer user, patient, carer or professional and provide you with information about our courses, content and timetable to help you make your course choices.
  • Ask you at enrolment if there is anything that may impact on your learning or make it difficult for you to attend a course, to best support you.
  • Provide you with a positive learning environment which promotes our values of; hope, education, personal responsibility, self-advocacy and support.
  • Respect your personal beliefs, life choices, faith and cultural practices and traditions making it an environment free from stigma and discrimination.
  • Ask you for feedback on your experience of the college, your course and any impact to your health and wellbeing.

In attending a course, we ask you to:

  • At enrolment, provide us with your contact details, an emergency contact and inform us of anything that may impact on your learning.
  • Contact the college if you can no longer attend a course or have changed your mind, so we can offer your course place to another person.
  • Respect the Recovery College code of conduct (below).
  • Attend courses on time or if you are running late, if possible to let us know
  • Be respectful of the rights of others and abide by the group agreement that you will create at the start of each course.
  • Ask us if you are unsure about a course or need further explanation of any content that is delivered and importantly enjoy your learning experience with us.
Code of conduct

Our code of conduct provides a set of guidelines to help everyone work together.

When attending a course, you do not have to disclose information about your personal or professional life, life history or mental health challenges. What is shared we ask you to treat in confidence and not to discuss personal information about another student outside of the session.

We also ask you to:

  • Be polite and respect the rights, life choices, beliefs and opinions of others.
  • Avoid the use of language, terminology or behave in any way that may offend others or be considered threatening or disruptive.
  • To have responsibility for your own learning journey and ensuring your own health and care needs are met.
  • To not use alcohol, un-prescribed medication or illegal substances whilst attending the Recovery College or attend a session where your behaviour is affected by these.
Current time table and promotional resources

Our time table is updated on a regular basis and you can view and download our current time table here:

April 2022 – Timetable (FINAL)

Other resources:

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Prospectus and course booking forms:

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