Board Sub-committees

Board Sub-committees have been established to discuss Board matters in further detail. Each Sub-committee is made up of members of the Board of Directors and subject matter experts attend to assist and inform the members in discussion. Each Sub-committee is chaired by a Non-executive Director.

More information on the Quality Committee, Audit Committee, Finance and Performance Committee, Workforce Committee and the Mental Health Legislation Committee can be found below. The minutes from recent Committee meetings can also be found below.

The Chair of each sub-committee makes an assurance and escalation report, regarding the most recent meeting of the Committee, to the next available Board of Directors’ meeting. Each report seeks to assure the Board on the main items discussed by the Committee and, should it be necessary, to escalate to the Board any matters of concern or urgent business which the Committee is unable to conclude. The Board may then decide to give direction to the Committee as to how the matter should be taken forward or it may agree that the Board deals with the matter itself. Where the Board wants greater assurance on any matters that are within the remit of the Terms of Reference of the Sub-committee, the Board may ask for these to be looked at in greater detail by the Committee.