Our plan on a page for 2022/23

Learning Disability Services

Select each subheading below to highlight the different sections of our plan on a page. This will outline how our Learning Disability Service is planning to deliver care over the next 12-18 months.

1. Where are we now?
  • Resetting and recovering following disruption caused by the pandemic. A location tag
  • Providing a service to around 600 people a week, including those receiving care 24 hours a day.
  • Around 100 people are on our waiting list for community services with 50 awaiting a first assessment.
  • All our services are open, apart from Rebound and Hydrotherapy.
  • Recruiting staff is our main challenge.
2. Where do we want to be in 12-18 months' time?
  • Better at managing our capacity and the size of our caseloads. A white calendar
  • Better at discharging people so more people with a learning disability can live well in their communities.
  • The future of our Respite and Specialised Supported Living (SSL) Services is well established.
  • Our Rebound and Hydrotherapy Services have reopened.
3. How we are going to get there
  • Review our Assessment and Referral Team (ART) to ensure they are effective and efficient. white lightbulb on a green background
  • Increase opportunities for face-to-face appointments.
  • Improve our use of technology for the benefit of staff and service users.
  • Work with our partners to find a positive and sustainable future for Respite and SSL Services.
  • Review our Health Facilitation Team to ensure they are delivering best outcomes for service users.
4. How we will improve service user and carer experience
  • Invest in our User Involvement Team including recruiting more people with a lived experience.A white smiley face on a green background
  • Our Involvement Team and our Health Facilitation Team will work closely together to improve co-production with service users – for example improving access to primary care.
  • Introduce the three ‘have your say’ questions to collect feedback.
  • Hold more fun engagement events, like our Jubilee party!
5. How we will improve staff experience
  • We want to improve the wellbeing of all our people – including those who work in people’s Thumbs up on a pink background
    own homes.
  • Develop our ‘garden of wellbeing’ at St Mary’s Hospital.
  • Continue to support our staff after serious incidents to help them recover and to learn lessons.
  • More fun engagement events!
6. How we will reduce health inequalities and improving equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Continue making adjustments for people with a learning disability to access physical health Group of people in the palm of a hand on an orange background care.
  • Play a leading role in the West Yorkshire Challenge – supporting health and care staff in other services to improve the experience of people with a learning disability.
  • Support our service users to access health screening and vaccinations.
  • Champion the NHS Accessible Information Standard – making health information accessible to people with learning disabilities.
  • Ensure people with learning disabilities are represented on our staff networks and recruitment panels.