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Get involved in research​ with the Child Oriented Mental Health Innovation Collaborative. Sign up to the Young People's Advisory Network and have your say in mental health research.

Two adults are kneeling in front of a child who is sat on a log in a wood.At COMIC we believe that young people should be at the heart of all research that affects their lives. By using our network to work with a wide range of young people, we can ensure that young people’s voices are being heard and the change they want to see can happen.

The COMIC Young People’s Advisory Network is a collection of young people, professionals, youth and community groups, charities, CAMHS facilities and parent forums who advise on all our work. This ensures our work is co-produced and user-led from beginning to end. This includes, developing research themes, evaluating mental health services, taking part in research, sharing research results and evaluating research impacts.​

COMIC aims to inform our work using sustainable engagement and involvement of young people. To ensure young people benefit from the work they take part in, the network offers experience and opportunity to those we work with. This has been in the form of clinical NHS knowledge sessions, CV building and taking part in research.

Our members have said:

  • “I feel heard, understood and recognised.”
  • “I believe the research they conduct is really valuable.”
  • “It has been really rewarding working with COMIC.”

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These are the key words about why it is important to include youth voice, according to our network.


Young People's Advisory Network (YPAN)

What is the YPAN?

  • The COMIC YPAN is a collection of individuals aged 11-25 from across Yorkshire who meet regularly to discuss and contribute to the research by COMIC and its collaborators. Members will be able to tailor and improve the quality of research happening in their local area and in the wider community, to ensure young people’s voices are being heard


The YPAN Aims and Purpose
  • Taking part in mental health research and improve the quality and focus of this research
  • Provide feedback on mental health services
  • Discuss key ethical issues surrounding young people’s mental health research to improve research practice
  • Consent to be contacted about future research
YPAN Member Responsibilities
  • Respect everyone’s views
  • Engage with group activities and be willing to learn new skills
  • Have an interest in mental health research
  • Act as a focus group for research
  • Ask questions if you are unsure
  • Key discussion points and ideas may be noted and used anonymously and may help future research

Enjoy it! Lets have fun!!

Responsibilities of Research Staff
  • Organise meetings and events
  • Facilitate group discussion
  • Reimburse members for travel quickly
  • Keep note of key discussion ideas and feedback and act on it accordingly
  • Respond and support members with any concerns they may have
  • All research staff members will hold a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance as a condition of continued employment
  • The COMIC team undergo training to cover their responsibilities and how to report concerns of safeguarding of children or adults
  • Involvement in the YPAN will priorities the best interests of the children and young people involved
  • Informed consent is taken from the parent or guardian of young people involved in the YPAN, or from young people if appropriate
  • We retain the right to turn down requests to join the network to ensure the safety of young people in the Network

Our project aims to promote social inclusion and protection of those marginalised and most at risk