Research at COMIC

At COMIC we work with children, young people and their families to bring together ideas and carry out research that will drive forward the development of new and exciting ways to improve wellbeing and support their mental health. Our experienced research team work together with local schools, medical staff, university researchers and external partners (such as charities) to make sure that we are at the cutting edge of children and young people's mental health research.

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Social and emotional wellbeing
Aspect project logoASPECT (Alleviating Specific Phobias Experienced by Children Trial)

This study investigated whether One Session Treatment vs Cognitive Behaviour Therapy was effective for treating specific phobias in children and young people.

Divert project logoDIVERT

Co-producing a distress tolerance intervention to reduce self harm episodes in young people.

This study is looking at how distractions from difficult thoughts, emotions and self-harm urges are used by young people and if they are helpful.


Conifas project logo


This project co-produced a nature-based intervention for children with ADHD with families, children and professionals.



Soundfields project logo


This study looked at whether Virtual Reality (VR) can help autistic children with sound hyper-sensitivity.


I-socialise project logo


Investigating Social Competence and Isolation in children with Autism taking part in LEGO® based therapy clubs In School Environments.

This study examined whether LEGO® based therapy (play brick therapy) groups in schools have any impact on the social and emotional competence and perceived social isolation of autistic children. The research also aimed to look at whether it is cost-effective for schools to run and whether the young people and school staff like it.

ASSSIST2 project logo

ASSSIST2 – (Autism Spectrum Social Stories™ In Schools Trial 2)

This study investigated if Social Stories™ can support autistic children at school and if they are cost effective.


MARS project logo


A project to investigate whether microRNAs can be used as biomarkers in autism.

Social Prescribing

Safety nets project logo

Safety Nets

A social prescribing intervention for young people on CAMHS waiting lists, delivered by combining physical activity and psychoeducation sessions at local sports clubs.


Green and blue spaces project logo

Green and Blue Spaces

A survey study to discover how people used green and blue spaces during COVID-19 Lockdowns in the UK.


The Deaf experience

DIADs project logo

Diagnostic Instruments for Autism in Deaf children’s Study (DIADS)

Modification of diagnostic assessments to improve autism diagnosis for Deaf children.


Attachment project logo


A systematic review of early interventions for parents of Deaf infants – a systematic review of the research evidence for early parenting support interventions of Deaf infants.


Engaging the deaf community project logo

Engaging with the Deaf community

Raising the awareness of British Sign Language Engaging with the Deaf community – Raising awareness of British Sign Language.