Bank and temporary staffing

Our bank and temporary staffing service offers a flexible way of working for us with ad-hoc placements and occasionally the potential for longer full and part-time bookings.

There are a variety of bank roles available which include:

    • qualified professional clinical roles in nursing
    • allied health professions
    • non-professional roles
    • clinical support worker roles
    • administration and clerical roles


Why join the bank?

Watch the video below to find out more about working as part of our Bank Staff who can join and what support and training is available.

As a bank worker you choose how many hours you want to work and when in line with vacant duties available. Working through the bank and temporary staffing service doesn’t have to be your primary source of employment and many of our permanently contracted staff also work additional shifts.

You’ll have the opportunity to gain additional experience, keep your skills up to date, develop new ones and earn extra money without having to commit to a permanent role. You’ll also have:

  • variety of work and experience
  • flexibility
  • paid annual leave (conditions apply)
  • paid mandatory training (conditions apply)
  • access to opportunities for continuing professional development
  • access to the NHS pension scheme.

Once on our bank you can look for work from home using our online system, based on your current compulsory training skills making it easy for you to plan what’s good for you in line with service requirements.

Shifts can be available up to six weeks in advance and at short notice. So if you want to work tomorrow, next week or next month you can simply look for shifts regardless if it’s in the middle of the night or during the day – our systems are ready and waiting to help you find work at the time that suits you.