Nurses and support workers

Starting off your career as a support worker, apprentice or nurse is an exciting journey, especially as we offer such a diverse range of services.

This is your opportunity to get involved, tap into your passion and work in those areas which really inspire you.

You may be passionate about working with younger people, older people or with people with a learning disability. You may be interested in working in the community or a hospital. You may have a flare for front line clinical care or wish to work in research, management or leadership. The world’s your oyster!

We offer a great place to either start or enhance your nursing career. Well, we would say that wouldn’t we so check out some of the experiences of our nurses and support workers below.

The Nursing career path

The options for nursing jobs with us is vast. Here’s the full range of the roles we offer and an idea of where your career journey with us could take you.

Apprentice Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice Learning & Development Lead
Health Support Worker Case Manager Infection Control Nurse
Associate Practitioner Clinical Lead Safeguarding Nurse
Nursing Associate Matron Professional Lead
Staff Nurse Nurse Consultant Assistant Director of Nursing
Senior Nurse Clinical Team Manager Deputy Director of Nursing
Advanced Nurse Practitioner Research Nurse Director of Nursing

Training & Development Opportunities

We actively encourage you to think about what training and development would help you in your career and link this to your appraisal. We offer:

Meet more of our nurses and support workers
Find out more from some of our great nurses and support workers below.