Nurses and support workers

Hello, nurses and support workers - welcome to your future at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LYPFT).

We’re a specialist mental health and learning disability trust. We’re also a learning and teaching organisation with a strong commitment to research, development and progression.

Our vision is to provide outstanding services as an employer of choice, so we hope you’ll choose to work with us. One of the many things that makes us attractive to people is the truly diverse range of services we provide. There’s too many to list here but you can have a look through them on our website.

We employ more than 1,360 nursing staff from students and apprentices, to senior nurse leaders like our Director of Nursing and Professions, Cathy Woffendin.

In 2018 we published our Nursing Strategy.

It sets out how we strive to provide the best quality of experience for our service users, as well as our commitments over the next three years to support our nurses and support workers to do just that.
Here’s a short video of Cathy to introduce it.

We’re proud of our nurses and support workers

Our nursing workforce continues to grow and develop. We embrace those who are following apprentice pathways or are taking up the associate practitioner and nursing associate roles, in addition to the more established roles of registered nurses and health care support workers.

We are immensely proud of our nurses, support workers and allied health professionals. But what do they think of the Trust as a place to work? Well, we asked some of them and this is what they told us.

Not only are we proud of our nursing staff, we also aspire to be a learning organisation. Our commitment to learning requires us to invest and strengthen our research and development pathways for nursing.

Nurses are the bedrock of our Trust, working with people so they feel safe, cared for and respected. We have a strong foundation of excellent staff, but we need to make sure they are equipped to meet the ever-changing and exciting challenge of providing care in the future.

To keep pace, we must be active in new ways of working, drive innovation and exercise our influence, to make sure that we continue to provide safe and effective care, to the communities we serve.

Our nursing strategy is based on several important drivers. It has been created with our nursing staff, taking into consideration what nursing means to them and what makes them proud to nurse.

Training and Development Opportunities

We actively encourage you to think about what training and development would help you in your career and link this to your appraisal. Here’s a flavour of what we can offer:

  • A highly regarded preceptorship programme – find out more about it here
  • Access to our renowned Andrew Sims education centre
  • Access to nursing conferences
  • The Mary Seacole leadership programme
  • Nurse rotation opportunities
  • Support for NMC re-validation
  • Clinical supervision
  • A full package of leadership, management and compulsory training keeping you up to date and safe at work – find out more here


Meet some of our nurses and support workers

Find out more from some of our great nurses and support workers below.