Wellness Recovery Action Planning®

Wellness Recovery Action Planning or WRAP is a structured course that will help you to consider what is important for your health and your wellbeing and develop practical strategies for regaining and sustaining your wellness.

Wellness Recovery Action Planning® or WRAP is a personalised plan that you develop for yourself and helps you think about getting and staying well.

WRAP is used world-wide by people who are dealing with all kinds of health and life challenges. It helps you notice when things don’t seem to be quite right in your life and helps you to get back to feeling your best.

WRAP is designed to;

· help you stay as well as you can

· support you to develop a list of activities for everyday well-being

· help you identify personal triggers and early warning signs

· create action plans to manage difficult feelings and experiences

WRAP was developed in 1997 by a group of people in the USA, particularly Mary Ellen Copeland who had personal experience of mental health, to help manage some of the mental health experiences that the group shared. WRAP is now used worldwide by people who are dealing with all kinds of health and life challenges.

At the Leeds Recovery College we deliver the Copeland Centre Wellness Recovery Action Plan® course, in line with WRAP’s original values and ethics. The course is delivered by facilitators who use their own WRAP plan for personal wellbeing.

WRAP does not necessarily replace other treatments, however it is evidence based and has greatly improved the recovery and long term health of many people.

Debbie, a co-facilitator with Leeds Recovery College shares her experience of WRAP in this video.

For more information on WRAP visit: https://copelandcenter.com