Leeds Recovery College


Sharing experiences of co-production....

Hi I’m Jayne and I’ve been volunteering with and for Leeds Recovery College for around 18 months, starting initially as a co-facilitator and developing myself to the point I now help to create workshops by bringing my lived experience to the content.

After my own WRAP in November of 2019, I realised that the whole ethos of the Leeds Recovery College and the people I’d met aligned well with my own and I wanted to give something back by becoming a volunteer co-facilitator

I immediately felt fully supported as I started my fledgling volunteering career by co-facilitating a WRAP course on-line, due to the unmentionable pandemic.  Not only do I receive full-back-up and support during live co-facilitation, from more experienced facilitators, but there is also a full library of courses and workshops available to enhance my skills and help me to tell my personal story in a beneficial way.

I really enjoy seeing how my mental health journey adds value to others’ lives as that one tit-bit of information really makes a difference to them. I also enjoy the- camaraderie with the team of volunteers and staff and absolutely love the fun side of things in the quizzes and informal meet-ups.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting individuals from all walks of life, some with diagnosed conditions others living with a more private approach. I have found each and every one of them brings something to my life experience and journey and I know that my efforts are appreciated because we, as volunteers, constantly receive feedback from attendees, telling us they are learning and taking something from sharing our personal journeys alongside the science and structure that sits behind each course.

I volunteer as much or as little as I want with no pressure ever to take on more that I am able or comfortable with, and no-one at the LRC would ever be left to bear the charge on our own.  This, along with knowing that I am able to share as much of my personal journey as I am comfortable with keeps me coming back to learn and share with all the wonderful people I have met and true friends I have made as a volunteer with Leeds Recovery College.