Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Service

Page updated: June 2024

How long will I need to wait for an appointment?

ADHD services across the nation have seen a steady increase in demand over recent decades. We now typically receive 164 or more referrals per month. This far exceeds our capacity as a service which is 16 assessments a month. This issue is something that is currently receiving significant focus from both our Trust and regional NHS commissioners.

We recognise and appreciate that people requiring ADHD services have extraordinarily waiting times. This is something we are trying to address. Whilst we acknowledge how difficult it is to wait, we ask that, if possible, people refrain from contacting the service for updates as answering frequent requests for updates reduces our ability to run the service effectively.

If there is a change to your personal circumstances, we will contact you directly about it.

Diagnostic Assessment Waiting Time

There are currently approximately 4,700 people on our list awaiting a diagnostic assessment. We are currently resourced to provide 16 assessment a month.

Those getting booked in now were referred to the service in February 2021. This waiting period is accurate for those at the front of the waiting list but will be several years longer for those who have been referred more recently.

Due to the gap between demand and capacity, this waiting time is expected to increase.

Medication Initiation Waiting Time

There are approximately 290 people on our medication initiation waiting list. We are currently booking appointments for people who were added to the list in April 2022.

Please refer to our Referral Information page which provides information on alternative options.

Useful links and resources

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