Consent to use your personal information for Trust communications

The Communications Team manages the use of personal information consent for use in communications, public relations and / or marketing work on behalf of the Trust. This includes permission of staff, service users, carers and the public to use photographs, audio recordings and video footage in which they appear, and some personal information about them and their experiences, for a variety of projects and initiatives that support the Trust’s strategic aims and objectives.

The use of people’s personal data is not limited to one publication or communications channel. See below a list of the primary communications channels we manage.

Some of the projects we undertake involve sharing information with trusted partners and accredited news media organisations to achieve their objectives. See below for more detail on what we mean here. Where this is the case we will discuss what this means with all concerned to ensure people are comfortable before we take any action.

Consent forms and process

Anyone we work with is asked to complete and sign a form to say that they are comfortable with sharing their information for the specific project we are working on.

You can download our consent form:

These forms are in Microsoft Word Document format. Anyone using Apple devices can download the Word app from the App Store.

For service users, carers and the public

Once completed, a copy of this form will be retained by the Trust’s Communications Team, and one copy will be shared with the person giving consent. The person giving consent is able to withdraw consent for the use of their image, audio recording, video footage or personal testimony at any time.

For staff

Once completed, a copy of this form will be retained by the Communications Team and one copy will be shared with the staff member giving consent. We advise that this copy is placed on the staff member’s personal file so it can easily be retrieved by their line manager if required.

Withdrawing consent

To withdraw consent please contact the Communications Team at the Trust on 0113 85 55989 or email

The Trust’s communications channels

The following is a list of the primary communications channels that are owned and managed by the Trust.

  • Staffnet (staff intranet)
  • Trustwide e-bulletin
  • Trust Brief (team briefing)
  • Trust website
  • Trust corporate social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube
  • Imagine – Trust magazine
  • Imagine online – Trust external e-bulletin
  • Annual report
  • Annual review
  • Quality report
  • Patient information literature i.e. service specific leaflets, posters, flyers etc.
  • Corporate display information i.e. banner stands, handouts, posters, event displays etc.
Our trusted partners

Our trusted partners are organisations that are engaged in the delivery and commissioning of health and care in England, or are commissioned to support people to improve their health. They share our ambition of supporting service users, carers, staff and the communities we serve to live healthy and fulfilling lives. They are also committed to the same level of data protection and information governance as we are. They include (but are not limited to):

  • NHS trusts
  • NHS commissioners
  • Local Authority commissioners of health and care
  • Local Authority directorates engaged in health and care e.g. public health, social care, social housing
  • National NHS and arm’s length bodies
  • NHS commissioned third sector partner organisations i.e. HealthWatch, Forum Central, Community Links, Touchstone, Volition etc.
  • UK Police forces
  • UK Fire and rescue services
Accredited news media

We define accredited news media as legitimate and established news media organisations subscribed to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) Editors’ Code of Practice (or similar depending on country of origin) employing journalists that adhere to these standards of editorial quality and integrity.

Privacy Notice

The Communications Team is part of Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (“the Trust”). Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is the accountable Data Controller for data processed by the Communications Team. Contact addresses are as follows:

Communications Team Head Office Data Protection Officer
Trust Headquarters

St Mary’s House, Main House

St Mary’s Road



Trust Headquarters

St Mary’s House, Main House

St Mary’s Road



St Mary’s House, North Wing,

St Martin’s View

Leeds LS7 3LA

The Communications Team will collect, securely store and process information relating to your image, footage and personal testimony.

Data processed will be based solely on your consent, and we will specify how your information will be used a part of this consent.

The Trust will only share information collected as part of the project described above with trusted NHS partners and accredited news media organisations where there is significant benefit or value in doing so, based on your consent. Any work with the news media will be discussed beforehand to ensure subjects are comfortable and willing to participate.

Your data will be stored on secure servers managed by the Trust and located within the European Economic Area unless shared with trusted third parties as agreed.

The Trust will retain and subsequently securely dispose of records in accordance with the requirements of the prevailing Data Protection Act & the Records Management Code of Practice for Health & Social Care.

You have a right to request a copy of any and all the records the Trust holds that are about you, which we will provide to you within 30 days of receiving your written request. We will correct any factual errors within your records. You have a statutory right to raise a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office if you feel we have failed to honour your rights under Data Protection legislation. You have the right to withdraw your consent for the use of your information at any future time.