Rehab and Recovery Services

Our Asket site has a proud record of being a conducive learning environment for students and trainees. We use a learner centred approach where students form part of the Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) and are empowered to take the lead in their learning. Our students and trainees include student occupational therapists, drama trainee therapists, student nurses, trainee psychologists, and core trainee doctors.

Learners are valued members of the MDT teams, and every team member, within their different roles, plays an essential part in the learner’s learning goals. That is why the Practice Educator Assessment Preparation (PEAP) training is encouraged to be completed by professionals to ensure current and evidence-based practice is delivered.

Two people are in this picture. One person is obscured, their arm is pointing to a noticeboard. The other person is standing in the background and is out of focus, they are looking at the noticeboard.

Here are some feedbacks from student nurses.

“This placement has been invaluable for my confidence as a future nurse. The team have gone beyond the expectation to ensure my learning during placement and my education on recovery services.”

“I felt supported and empowered by everyone around me.”

Two staff memeber are facing each other talking.

We also take on board areas of improvement to continue to make Asket as good as it can be for learner experience and to play our part in producing high quality workforce of tomorrow.


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