Rehab and Recovery Services

The Rehabilitation and Recovery Service values the experience and expertise of our service users. We are dedicated to empowering people with mental health needs to be experts in their own recovery through dialogical review meetings, collaborative care planning, safety planning and activity planning.

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My Recovery Journey at Askets by a service user

“Asket is a place to get better and move forward with your life. The staff at Asket are nice and caring, and they work together with you to support your recovery. Asket has helped me to do things that I have never done for myself before, such as washing and cooking. This has helped me to have responsibility and given me my independence. The staff are experienced in listening and getting to know what helps you to get the best out of you.

There are so many activities that you can do on the ward, including exercises, social groups, gaming, crafts and music groups. The staff help to find activities that you enjoy and encourage you to try out new things. If you are new to attending groups, take yourself along and give it a go.

Asket has also helped me with my healthy lifestyle, supporting me with exercises, healthy meal choices and advice from a dietician and healthy living advisor. Asket doesn’t feel like a typical hospital setting. The bedrooms are cosy and homely and have enough space for you to make it your own, and the TV lounge is a marvellous space for movie nights and making friends. I have made good friendships with other service users, and we are able to help each other get better.

Asket has helped to give me a routine and a sense of belonging. I’m looking forward to the next step of being supported in the community.”

Our Rehab and Recovery Information for Service Users leaflet has been co-produced with service users using our services to describe what to expect from our rehabilitation and recovery service.

We recognise the importance of service users’ experience and expertise in developing our services. We provide different opportunities for feedback on what is going well and what could be improved, such as ‘have your say’ feedback and weekly community meetings. We also have an active service user involvement group that meets on a monthly basis. This group co-produces a monthly involvement newsletter to share information about the different involvement opportunities available.

One of our service users shared the following quote about their experience of being a member of the service user involvement group:

“Co-production work has been great. It stops the “us and them” mentality – it has empowered me to have a voice, and it has increased my confidence.”

Read one of the service user involvement newsletters.


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