EMERGE Leeds: Complex Emotional Needs Service

Care coordination for people over the age of 25Close up shot of a mid-adult man listening to someone speaking whilst sitting in a support group session.

People aged over 25 who require care coordination within secondary care will typically be managed within Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs). Emerge offer consultation to CMHTs, inpatient and crisis services and others working with such cases to support case management and effective care.

For GPs, primary care practitioners, and others wishing to refer for assessment and/or care coordination for those over the age of 25, please direct referrals to CMHT via Single Point of Access for their consideration.

Alternatively, take a look at the information about our group work programmes, which are for people aged 18 years and above, and have no upper age limit.

Referrals to this part of our service are accepted from:
  • secondary mental health services (such as CMHTs)
  • mental health inpatient services
  • secure/specialist commissioners/case managers
Referrals must meet both of the following criteria:
  • Present with complex emotional needs or a diagnosis of personality disorder
  • are assessed as at risk of long-term hospital admission in secure, locked or specialist mental health inpatient services.

People over the age of 25yrs who meet the criteria for care coordination within Emerge will typically be detained under section 3 Mental Health Act and/or:

  • have experienced a sustained inpatient admission due to risk to self
  • have experienced multiple/repeated admissions to acute or PICU wards
  • have experienced difficulty being discharged and/or sustaining periods in the community due to risk to self
  • be detained in low secure, locked or other specialist inpatient provision and in need of a care coordinator as they progress towards discharge
  • present with a high level of risk to self via self-harm/suicide or self-neglect

Emerge may offer a period of consultation in the first instance where this is the case to CMHT, local acute inpatient, and/or crisis services.

To make a referral please complete our referral form. Alongside this we require an up to date risk assessment. Please email the Emerge Referrals inbox.


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