Eating Disorders Service (Adult)

See how we’ve supported our service users on their journey to recovery.

Abbie’s story

Abbie speaks openly about the moment she realised she needed extra support. She shares her experiences of the CONNECT service and how her feelings on group therapy changed during her time there.

Abbie says: “Looking back, I can understand why I was scared [about group therapy] but having now been through it, it’s really not scary at all. The people you meet are really nice. You almost have to feel the fear and do it anyway!”

Nicola – a carer’s story

An eating disorder doesn’t just affect those diagnosed. It can be felt far more widely and seeing a loved one battle an eating disorder can be particularly hard for families. Nicola is Abbie’s sister. In the following film, she looks at things from a sibling’s perspective and explains how receiving family therapy at CONNECT helped.


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