Leeds Recovery College

Our current courses are online and home learning only (but it’s just for a little while). We’re looking forward to launching our new prospectus and re-introducing physical face-to-face courses in 2021, but in the meantime we’ve adapted some of our favourite courses, which you can take part in, at home.

We believe that good mental health is important to everyone and that we can all play a part in improving our own mental health and contributing to that of others.

We offer free educational courses that focus on keeping us mentally and physically well. These courses have been co-designed and co-facilitated by people who have experienced their own mental health challenges, working alongside health professionals and education providers to share their knowledge and advice.  The aim of these courses is to help you learn more about mental health, work out what keeps yourself and others well, and find ways to enjoy life more.

Our courses are attended by a range of people including those who experience mental health challenges, staff and carers who are looking to improve their knowledge, and people from across the city who would like to better look after their own wellbeing.