Our people ambitions

Belonging in the NHS

We will foster a culture of belonging and inclusion, where all our people have a voice and we will tackle discrimination and inequality gaps.

Our commitments

We will:

  • give our people a voice, listening, acting on feedback and involvement in decision making
  • embed equality, diversity and inclusion into the culture of our Trust
  • grow collective leaders that reflect Trust values
  • provide a working environment of civility and respect for our people
  • improve the experience of those people with a protected characteristic as identified by the Equality Act 2010.

A dashboard with an arrow pointing to a happy face

How we’ll measure our progress:

  • Cultural inclusion ambassadors embedded within employee relations and recruitment.
  • Pilot reciprocal mentoring scheme evaluated, future model developed and rolled out with the Trust.
  • Reduce the number of colleagues reporting personal experience of harassment, bullying or abuse at work.
  • The Trust to be in the top five for Staff Survey score for People Promise 3 (we each have a voice that counts) by 2024.