Our plan on a page for 2022/23

Forensic Services

Select each subheading below to highlight the different sections of our plan on a page. This will outline how our Forensic Services is planning to deliver care over the next 12-18 months.

1. Where are we now?
  • We have nurse and healthcare support worker vacancies at the Newsam Centre, Leeds and Clifton House, YorkA location tag
  • A low occupancy on some of our wards which we are working to increase as part of our reset and recovery from the pandemic
  • We are working collaboratively with providers across our region and beyond to provide a single point of access for people in crisis
  • We are seeing an increase in the mental health needs of people in prison
2. Where do we want to be in 12-18 months' time?
  • Our community team working to high standards alongside other teams in West Yorkshire, and Humber and North YorkshireA white calendar
  • Better integration of social workers into our services to improve service user experience and reduce community caseloads
3. How we are going to get there
  • We will review all cases to see if they need an additional bespoke package of care and treatmentwhite lightbulb on a green background
  • Explore the recruitment of a non-medical responsible clinician
  • Support our healthcare support workers’ career development
  • Provide bespoke training for our staff to help them develop their skills
4. How we will improve service user and carer experience
  • Work with estates colleagues across both our sites to improve our environments to enhance the care of our service usersA white smiley face on a green background
  • Ensure we have regular and effective processes in place to gain service user and carer feedback, and a ‘you said, we did’ approach to how we feedback our actions and improvements
  • Involve carers and families in the care planning and treatment of people with mental ill-health
  • Involve service users in the design of our services, working closely with regional service user involvement teams
5. How we will improve staff experience
  • Have a renewed focus on retaining all of our staff as an employer of choiceThumbs up on a pink background
  • Gather feedback from our staff on working culture. This will help to ensure that all staff have a voice, allow us to respond to feedback, compliments and things we can improve on, to improve staff experience within the service
  • We will improve our appraisal and supervision rates to ensure staff are supported and have appropriate development opportunities within the service, and wider trust
6. How we will reduce health inequalities and improving equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Ensure all service uses complete a ‘well-together passport’ which integrates with their care plan, focusing on a holistic approach to recoveryGroup of people in the palm of a hand on an orange background
  • Upskill our staff physical health skills to provide effective enhanced physical health checks for service users
  • Provide gym facilities and improved access to shared spaces for wards at the Newsam Centre
  • Support our service users to take part in health screening programmes