Our plan on a page for 2022/23

Community and Wellbeing Services

Select each subheading below to highlight the different sections of our plan on a page. This will outline how our Community and Wellbeing Service is planning to deliver care over the next 12-18 months.

1. Where are we now?
  • The Working Age Adult Community Mental Health, Physical Health and Single Point of Access Services have had a difficult couple of years, more recently due to significant staffing vacancies and recruitment challengesA location tag
  • Innovating to overcome these challenges has included partnerships with Touchstone Community Support Service and Community Links to develop Recovery and Key Worker roles
  • Work underway to improve services for people accessing urgent treatment centres
  • The Introduction of a Leeds Rough Sleeper Mental Health Service
2. Where do we want to be in 12-18 months' time?
  • Seeing significant improvements in mental health services in the community as a result of Community Mental Health Transformation investmentA white calendar
  • A review and refresh of our Single Point of Access to ensure it is fit for the future and its purpose and function are clear
  • Improved monitoring and access to physical health interventions for those with severe mental illness
  • To establish the Leeds Rough Sleeper Mental Health Service, making it part of the wider offer of care and support for those who are, or are at risk of, rough sleeping
3. How we are going to get there
  • Through the city and regional collaboration on the community mental health transformation programmewhite lightbulb on a green background
  • Ongoing development of relationships across organisations, maintaining our shared purpose to care and support people with severe mental illness
  • Creating and developing an established workforce through improving colleague retention, offering attractive recruitment packages and showcasing why people are proud to work in the community
4. How we will improve service user and carer experience
  • Continue our significant work to ensure our services are truly co-produced, including workingA white smiley face on a green background
    alongside Rethink Mental Illness and partners
  • Measure and improve service user outcomes consistently and reliably to make improvements to how care is planned and reviewed
  • Continue to use all methods available to hear from, and engage with feedback from service users, carers, family and their friends
5. How we will improve staff experience
  • Continue significant work to improve staff experience including:
    – Wellbeing reviews
    – A service cultural reviewThumbs up on a pink background
  • Improve clinical supervision engagement and offer
  • Recruitment initiatives
6. How we will reduce health inequalities and improving equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Community Connectors will work to improve access to services and support by understanding and tackling longstanding barriersGroup of people in the palm of a hand on an orange background
  • Take bold and meaningful steps to increase the diversity of our workforce, with plans for a specific initiative to deliver and be accountable for creating a workforce that truly represents the communities served
  • Touchstone Community Recovery Workers and Community Links Key Workers to help meet the needs of those affected by health inequalities and increase diverse understanding within our multidisciplinary teams