Stages, Progression, and Recovery of Eating Disorders in Youth: STORY

Characterising Illness Stages, Progression and Recovery Trajectories of Eating Disorders in Young People: STORY

What is this study about?
STORY is exploring the diverse experiences of young people with eating disorders. How do symptoms progress over time? What helps or hinders recovery? This information will allow us to deliver more personalised and effective interventions for young people with eating disorders in the future.

Who can take part?
Participants will be:

  • between 16-25?
  • have an eating disorder or think they may have one?
  • have no history of an eating disorder (healthy volunteer)?

What is involved?
The study duration is 1 year, during which participants will:

  • complete online surveys and tasks on a computer or smartphone at different times
  • download two apps onto their smartphone and optionally wear a device on their finger to measure heart rate and sleep
  • attend two optional assessment visits involving cognitive tasks and brain scans

How can people get involved?
Contact or for more information. The University study team can be contacted via you can also visit: