Children and Young Peoples' Mental Health Service (CYPMHS) inpatient unit for West Yorkshire

Information for professionals

We are delighted to announce that the West Yorkshire inpatient unit for children and young people, Red Kite View, based in Armley, Leeds, has now opened.

It is responsible for processing access assessments for the whole of the West Yorkshire region.

For any young person at risk of needing an in-patient admission, a Referral Form for Access to Tier 4 CAMHS must be completed by their care co-ordinator, or other member of their community team, and submitted to Red Kite View via the email address:
This form should be completed as fully as possible.

Following referral an initial assessment will take place at the earliest opportunity, and should be attended by the young person with the support of their family or carer, the referrer (or someone else who knows the young person), the Care Navigator for that area, and the operational manager from Red Kite View.

In urgent cases where there is overwhelming evidence that a bed will be required, or where a young person has been detained under the Mental Health Act, the assessment can be completed as a desk top exercise, after which recommendation for admission to hospital can be made by the operational manager.

Access assessments

During the initial assessment, a thorough appraisal is made of the young person’s situation, including their current presentation, what support they are currently receiving, how things need to change (ie the purpose of the admission), and the pros and cons of admission.

After this assessment, a joint decision is made as to whether in-patient admission is appropriate and an Access Assessment Form is completed by the operational manager at Red Kite View,  and returned to the referring team.

If inpatient admission is required

If it is concluded that in-patient admission is required, it is the responsibility of the referring team, supported by the Care Navigator and NHSE Case Manager to locate a vacant bed and negotiate the admission.



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