Trust ranked top four in the country for junior doctor training

As a new year of training begins for some junior doctors at the Trust, we have achieved outstanding results in the national survey amongst existing trainees published by the General Medical Council (GMC). The Trust was ranked fourth place for overall satisfaction in training in England in the 2016 survey.

The national GMC survey asked junior doctors for their views on their postgraduate medical training across 15 indicators. The results from the 2016 survey put the Trust in the top 20% in nine of these areas:

  • Overall satisfaction
  • Induction
  • Clinical supervision in hours
  • Clinical supervision out of hours
  • Educational supervision
  • Adequate experience
  • Feedback
  • Supportive environment
  • Reporting systems

The overall satisfaction rate on the training received at the Trust has increased for the fourth year in a row to 87% and the quality of clinical supervision our junior doctors have received has increased for the third year in a row to 93%.

Sharon Nightingale, Director of Medical Education at the Trust said: “These results are a really good example of how hard the junior doctors, consultants and the multidisciplinary teams have worked together to ensure we deliver good quality training. Doctors in training play a vital role in the delivery of safe, high quality care to our patients.

“Working together with the Medical Education Centre we have continued to build on our established training programme, which sees junior doctors engaging in multi-disciplinary work right across the Trust. Junior doctors work as part of teams which ensures that our trainees feel very much part of, rather than separate, to the Trust.

“We have excellent working relationships with Health Education England, particularly the Yorkshire School of Psychiatry and Leeds University. It’s a combination of all three organisations working closely together, with our trainees, that delivers such excellent results.”

Ben Alderson, junior doctor at the Trust said: “The Trust’s training programme has a well-deserved, fantastic reputation. The team I work with is supportive and friendly and the experience of training at the Trust will not only help to provide the delivery of safe, high quality care to our service users but it will improve my skills and give me a solid foundation for my future career.”

You will find more information on the GMC National Training Survey 2016 on their website here.

Read Ben Alderson’s blog for more on what it is like to be a junior doctor in training at the Trust.