LYPFT launches its dynamic new People Plan

Improving things for people in our Trust

We are delighted to announce the launch of Our LYPFT People Plan which will take us through to 2024. It’s a new approach to tackling issues and concerns and has been developed by listening to our people, as well as taking on board feedback from staff surveys.

We will continue to update these actions in the coming weeks, months and years based on the latest Staff Survey results, due later this month, and our ongoing people engagement activity.

Darren Skinner, Director for People and Organisational Development, said: “Our three-year People Plan is a new approach to tackling our colleagues’ issues and concerns. It sets out our commitment to all our colleagues – to fully support them to be the best they can be at work. Rightly so, it has been developed by listening to our people, as well as feedback from our regular staff surveys.

“While the new plan has built on the learning from a difficult 18 months, we continue to live in uncertain times, so we can say with confidence we will need to update and adapt our people strategy during the timeframe it covers. We will continue to evolve Our People Plan in response to colleague feedback in the latest staff survey and in response to the ever-changing environment.”

You can watch a short film with Darren introducing the new People Plan.

Taking action for the future

Our People Plan includes key actions we are taking from now until 2024. You can read a PDF version of it on our website. We are developing a new interactive way of hosting strategic documents like this on our website and this will be published later this month.

By working together, we believe we can improve things and create a better future for all at LYPFT.

As a Trust we have four ambitions within our People Plan:

1.         Looking after our people, particularly the actions we must all take to keep our people safe, healthy, and well – both physically and psychologically.

2.         Belonging in the NHS, highlighting the support and action needed to create an organisational culture where everyone feels they belong.

3.         New ways of working and delivering care, emphasising that we need to make effective use of the full range of our people’s skills and experience to deliver the best possible patient care.

4.         Growing for the future, particularly by building on the renewed interest in NHS careers to expand and develop our workforce, as well as retaining colleagues for longer.

Improving things at team level

So these are the Trust’s key commitments – we are also going to be working with colleagues on their team commitments.

Later in March our People and Organisational Development Team will begin a four-week period of People Plan awareness and engagement with teams, services and staff networks. Everyone is welcome to get involved. They will be hosting webinars and dropping into other meetings to talk through the LYPFT People Plan, what it means for colleagues, and how it will help.

Between April and June our People and OD colleagues will then be supporting teams and services with ‘commitment planning’. In other words, what’s the one thing they can commit to changing in the coming year that will improve the working lives of all colleagues, and ultimately improve the health and lives of our service users.

Dr Sara Munro, Chief Executive, added: “We are committed to taking action on staff feedback. We hope as many people as possible will get involved with finding out about the Trust plans at our upcoming engagement events. Colleagues can also have their say in local meetings that are being arranged soon about the actions they think are most important at their local team or service level so we can together make things better for everyone.”