A look back to look forwards for the future

Our young people fill time capsule with flavour of today for generations of the futures

Our young people were hugely inspired when we asked them to fill a large glittering metal time capsule, buried earlier in the summer on the site of Red Kite View, home to what was to become their new home and home to the new Children and Young People’s Mental Health Service.  We asked them to do that so that in years to come, if and when the capsule is unearthed, it will offer a flavour of our life and times today. They certainly pulled out all the stops, allowing their imagination and their creativity to roam. So here’s a list of what they, with some kind additions by members of staff, included, plus some images:

Staff ‘family tree’: A staff ‘family tree’ of the staff members at Little Woodhouse Hall and their roles.  A collage of fashion trends in 2021 and a pandemic calendar marking the milestone events of the coronavirus pandemic throughout 2021.

‘Hope’ and ‘Stay Strong’ Pebbles: Hand painted ‘Hope’ and ‘Stay Strong’ Pebbles. Throughout the first national ‘lockdown’ in early 2020, similar pebbles of hope were lining the streets to encourage people to stay positive.

STEAM Projects 2020 – 2021:Photos of the activities the Young People have been involved with.

Painted Face Masks: Throughout the pandemic, all staff wore a face mask all day, every day, at work to protect themselves and others from coronavirus.

Bananagrams: Bananagrams is a game loved by staff and young people at Little Woodhouse Hall. The young people have created their own Bananagrams letters to include in the time capsule.

Italy vs. England Final: In summer 2021, the England football team reached the finals in the Euros for the first time. In a much anticipated match on Sunday 11 July 2021 at Wembley stadium, England left as runners-up of the tournament after losing 3-2 to Italy following penalties.

Sunshine 2021: One of the young people at Little Woodhouse Hall in 2021 learned to crochet and created the sunshine ‘2021’

A hand written letter to the future young people from Sophie B. Sophie works at Little Woodhouse Hall as the Activity Coordinator.

Contributions from Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust:
Royal College of Nursing Bulletin: An advert for posts for qualified nurses to work at Red Kite View can be found on page 20 of the Royal College of Nursing bulletin in the capsule.

Project Team Members: A list of the staff who worked on the Red Kite View project .

Aerial Photos of Red Kite View: When this time capsule was buried on 16th August 2021, Red Kite View was still under construction. These aerial photos taken with a drone capture what the building looked like then.

Stakeholder Newsletter: Every other month, our Communications team wrote a stakeholder newsletter to provide updates on the project. It included key milestones and information to keep readers up to date on the progress of the Red Kite View unit and the new enhanced service for the children and young people of West Yorkshire. The newsletter was distributed via email.

Our Behaviours Toolkit: This toolkit outlines the values and behaviours developed in collaboration with staff to ensure that LYPFT is a fulfilling and enjoyable place to work. It is given to each member of staff when they start at LYPFT

Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test Kit: Lateral flow tests allowed people to take a Covid-19 test themselves at home, providing a result within 30 minutes

Sunday Times: From Sunday 10th August 2021, supplemental magazines also included

And finally coins: Currency in use in 2021 – who knows what will be most used when the capsule is opened?