What does a leader look like?

We asked a newly promoted Clinical Team Manager, Kate Ward, to share her view.

At the Trust we are nurturing our talented future leaders and supporting them to fulfil their potential.

Part of this development is to encourage our leaders to promote what we call psychological safety. In other words, creating an environment where colleagues and peers feel safe to be open, honest, raise concerns or simply share views without the fear of a negative outcome.

This promotes better team work, better relationships, and ultimately, better care for service users.

We asked one of our Clinical Team Managers, Kate Ward, to talk to us about this. As a newly promoted leader within the Trust, we asked her to describe her leadership style, how she created positive relationships and encouraged staff to be open and honest.

Watch Kate talk about her journey from a general office secretary aged 23, to qualified Occupational Therapist to the leadership role she holds today. Along the way she’s volunteered as a befriender for single parent families, been a spokesperson for women affected by the PIP breast implant scandal and set up the Rainbow Alliance – a support group for LGBT+ colleagues – that’s led to her recent National Diversity Award nomination.

If you’re looking for an organisation that invests in its future leaders then we’d love to hear from you.  See our latest vacancies on our Careers page.