Quality Report and Account 2018/19

Check out the improvements and developments made to services in 2018/19

The Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Quality Report for 2018/19 is now available to view

What is the Quality Report and Account?

Here at the Trust we aim to provide high quality care in everything that we do. We know that as an NHS healthcare provider we have to constantly be assessing the quality of our services so that we can look at how to improve them. We have therefore produced this quality report which details the progress we have made in improving the quality of services since the last report. The report also highlights many of things we are proud of as well as identifying our challenges and how we can address them.

Okay, but what is in the content of the report?

In this report you can expect to read about the following;

  • the improvements and developments made to our services in 2018/19
  • service user stories and feedback
  • our Quality Improvement Priorities (QIPs) from 2018/19
  • the positive work being done to meet the QIPS
  • the quality priorities for the upcoming year 2019/20 and how these have been developed, how they will be measured and how they will be reported.

Where can I view the report?

You can view the Quality Report 2018/19 online.