Jon Salway

Constituency: Carer: Leeds
elected to the: Council of Governors

My name is Jon Salway and I live in Leeds and I am an early retired Primary School Headteacher. I have over twenty five years experience of teaching and supporting children with Special Needs and over five years experience of supporting teens and young adults with emotional and mental health needs. I have also been a user of LYPFT services personally after becoming ill in 2017.

This personal experience, and the needs of two members of my immediate family have given me a deep interest in issues, the practice and the policy regarding Mental Healthcare in the UK generally and in our region specifically. I have seen up close the dedication and professionalism that many people working in LYPFT show every day of their working lives. I have also seen things which I believe might have been done better.

For the last two years I have worked for the Care Quality Commission as an Expert by Experience, taking part in inspections and as a member of advisory teams working on the new inspection framework and better ways to pass on CQC findings to the public.This gives me invaluable insights, knowledge and understanding of Mental Healthcare services and the challenges facing them.