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Holding handsDementia is a term used to identify a number of different conditions which affect the brain. As such, there are many different types of dementia (over 100 in total) and we work tirelessly within the service to ensure we are trying to meet everyone’s specific needs in a holistic manner.

The Dementia Assessment Unit at The Mount consists of two inpatient wards. We have ward 1, which is a 17 bedded male ward and 2, which is a 15 bedded female ward. The Dementia Assessment Unit caters for all people who have a diagnosis of dementia who may need further assessment or treatment for their symptoms; this can include but is not exclusive to behaviours which may challenge.

Dementia does not just affect people who are over 65. As a result of this, we often accept admissions of people who are younger but still require our specialist input. Our dementia assessment unit accept admissions from many different routes such as the intensive care homes treatment team, intensive home treatment team as well as liaison services within general hospitals.

Within the service we create and adapt person-centred bio-psycho-social care plans to cover a persons’ individuals wants, wishes and needs. We have extensive involvement from practitioners including occupational therapists and psychologists to ensure everyone is able to access occupation and engagement that is meaningful to them. The staff team as well as having a wealth of experience in working with people who have dementia are experts in their field having regularly attended for continued professional development in this area. The units also have the benefit of specialist staff who can deliver Dementia Care Mapping (DCM), to provide crucial insight into how our care delivery impacts on individual people. These maps lead to improved service user engagement and ongoing review of our service interactions as a whole.

We strive to deliver excellent evidence based dementia care. We have specially designed wards to enable our environments to be safe and accessible to the people using our service. We have access to a secure sensory garden that service users and their loved ones can access.

Garden area at The Mount

Garden area at The Mount


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