Smokefree Trust

Our Trust became smoke free in April 2016.

To mark this fantastic achievement some of our staff shared their smoke free journeys with us, explaining why they decided to stop smoking, how they gave up and what they would do differently if they were to do it all again.

Temporary change of policy

As of 9 October 2017, staff, service users and visitors are still being asked not to smoke in any of our buildings, grounds, vehicles or car parks. However, as a temporary measure whilst we put additional support in place, we are allowing service users, carers and visitors to smoke in designated areas of our inpatient sites or when visiting for outpatient appointments. Smoking is only permitted in these specific areas. Please ask a member of staff about this.


Share your smoke free story with us

If you’ve used our services and have successfully quit smoking, we’d love to hear from you. In fact, you could be part of the extra support we are putting in place for staff. You can contact our Smoke Free Team by emailing

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