CREST (Community Rehabilitation Enhanced Support Team) is a new regional service,  hosted by LYPFT on behalf of the West Yorkshire Integrated Care System (ICS).  The service operates extended hours (8am-8pm) over seven days,  facilitating discharge from complex rehab inpatient placements for people from Leeds, Calderdale and Kirklees.

CREST provides care coordination and intensive support for a defined caseload who are identified through their specific needs rather than just their clinical diagnosis. The aim of the service is to enable people with severe and complex mental health needs to define, build and live  meaningful, independent and satisfying lives outside of complex rehabilitation hospital.

Following extensive research by West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership (WYHP) into the needs of inpatients in long-term restrictive and complex rehabilitation service users highlighted negative experiences such as loss of relationships, poor quality of therapeutic environments, stressful transitions between hospital and home and a lack of hope for the future. Another clear theme to emerge was the emotional toll supporting a loved one in a complex rehabilitation hospital has on the carers’ lives.

The sheer complexity of service user needs has meant these men and women often spend long periods isolated from the support of their local families and communities.

In response WYICS has launched CREST as the first of three services under its ‘Complex Rehabilitation Project’ aimed at helping those with complex mental health needs back into the community.

More information about our work in Complex Rehabilitation and the engagement reports can be found on the website

For inquiries please contact: CREST team office: 0113 855648 Team Email: