Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Service

Our team consists of a small but highly specialised group of clinicians and supporting staff.

Meet our ADHD team
Name: Dr Mike Smith | Role: Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead

Dr Smith has a longstanding interest in neurodevelopmental conditions (ADHD, autism, and intellectual disability) and has previously been a National Clinical Director in this field. He has assessed and treated ADHD within both general and forensic settings. He is a committee member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry Special Interest Group.

Name: Dr Sumir Punnoose | Role: Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Punnoose has worked in the Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust as a Consultant Psychiatrist since 2005. He has previously worked with Acute Inpatients and works within the Leeds Gender Service and the Leeds Adult ADHD service. He is also the Trust’s Associate Medical Director for CPD (continuing professional development). He also works in the Occupational Health Service of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Previously, he has been a member of the Research Ethics Committee, a Clinical Lead for the Acute Inpatient Service, a College Tutor, and a Royal College of Psychiatrists representative in a Consultant’s appointing panel.

Name: Rudi Nilsen | Role: Senior Clinical Nurse

A strong curiosity about the human condition and how we relate to ourselves and the outside world has been firm throughout my career in mental health. Ongoing post-graduate education has emphasised the importance of life-long listening and learning. Within Neurodiversity, as in all other clinical areas, the capacity to focus on an individual’s account of their experience remains paramount. I have worked in various settings throughout my career, including inpatient and community settings, each providing different learning opportunities.

Name: Alex Nuttall | Role: Occupational Therapist

Alex is an occupational therapist with experience working with adults with ADHD, Autism, a learning disability, and mental health difficulties. Alex has worked in a range of community and inpatient settings. Alex has completed the UKAAN Diagnosis and Assessment training. Alex contributes to the assessment pathway and post diagnostic support.

Name: Tara Hill | Role: Occupational Therapist

Tara is an occupational therapist with experience working with adults experiencing mental health difficulties and neurodivergent adults. She has experience working in various mental health settings, including mental health rehabilitation, low secure forensic services, and student wellbeing in higher education. Tara facilitates the post-diagnostic support sessions and contributes to the assessment pathway.

Name: Hayley Greenwood | Role: Clinical Team Manager

Hayley is the Clinical Team Manager for the Neurodevelopmental Service, which includes the Adult ADHD Service and the Leeds Autism Diagnostic Service. Hayley qualified as a Learning Disability Nurse at Huddersfield University in 2016. Hayley also completed a Master’s degree in Adult Autism at the University of Birmingham in 2020. Hayley has worked in many different services across Leeds and York Partnership Trust, including CMHT, CLDT and CYPMHS inpatient services. Hayley uses her clinical and managerial experience to support the team in delivering a clinical service with high safety and clinical excellence standards.

Name: Emma Jackson | Role:  Neurodevelopmental Support Service Coordinator

Emma has 14 years of experience working in the NHS, the last six years working for The Leeds Adult ADHD Service. Before this, she has an extensive background working in the private sector. Emma has a passion and drive to provide NHS services with high calibre and professional administrative management support.

Name: Samantha Hannar-Hughes | Role: Operational Manager

Samantha is the Operational Manager for the Neurodevelopment Service (ADHD and LADS) and the Emerge Service at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. She is a registered nurse and has worked in the field of mental health and trauma since 1997. She has a keen interest in autism and ADHD, being a sibling and parent carer.

Name: Jamie Scott | Role:  Service Manager

Jamie is the Service Manager for the Neurodevelopment Service (ADHD and LADS) and the Personality Disorder Services at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. He is a registered Social Worker and has worked in Criminal Justice/NHS services since qualifying in 2000. Jamie has worked in various clinical and management roles within LYPFT since 2005, joining the neurodevelopmental services in July 2023.








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