Transgender Day of Remembrance 2020

This commemorative day honours the memory of those who have lost their lives in acts of anti-transgender violence.

Friday 20 November marks the 22nd Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust will remember those who have lost their lives and stand alongside those who continue to raise awareness about the inequalities that trans and non-binary people continue to face in our society.

Sophie Bracewell, a Gender Outreach Worker for the Trust, said: “Today I will stand with people across the globe for Transgender Day of Remembrance. I stand shoulder to shoulder with all those who reject hatred and bigotry. I also remember why we need TDoR. In Britain transgender and non-binary people have a lot of legal protection but still face hatred and discrimination on a daily basis.

“All over the world people have died because of their gender identity. 350 transgender and non-binary people have lost their life in 2020* that we know of. We stand in solidarity to remember and celebrate those who lost their lives prematurely and to raise awareness of what is happening.”

Melanie Hardwick, a volunteer for the Trust, also wants to encourage people to mark the day with a personal moment of silence: “This yearly event is for us to pause and remember those trans and non-binary people who have lost their lives due to being who they are.

“Usually there are events where we can come together but due to the Covid virus restrictions this year this will not be possible. We can still remember alone, with work colleagues or families.

“As a trans woman this date is very poignant to me. Not only do I think of those trans people who have died due to extreme violence but I bring to mind all those people worldwide who are oppressed, harassed, abused or suffer hatred for being LBTQ. Many live in places where there are policies and human rights laws enabled to protect them like America, Poland and the UK.

“Personally I have been the victim in the past. My work as a volunteer with the Rainbow Alliance and Leeds Gender Service has given me the strength to stand up against those in society who feel hatred towards trans and non-binary people is okay.

“I would ask that you find time today, in your busy schedules and daily life to take five minutes to join me at 7.30pm wherever you may be to remember them. Human beings who have died for being who they are, not what they were assigned at birth.”


The Leeds Gender Identity Service offers assessment and support to people aged 17 and above with Gender Dysphoria.

Gender Dysphoria is a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there’s a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity. It’s sometimes known as gender incongruence. You can find out more about this on the NHS website.

Our team completes a full assessment of people referred to us which includes looking at mental, social and physical health.